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The Mark of a Man: Elisabeth Elliot

29 Mar

A clarion call for young men to embrace biblical manhood. In this book Elliot lays out what the Bible tells us about the roles of men and women. She then illustrates how these truths will play themselves out in courtship and marriage. This book manages to be very practical (in both length and content) and keep Christ and his commands firmly at the centre of Christian relationships. A book well worth young men’s time.

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The Gospel is About Jesus

29 Mar

“Men there are who judge otherwise, and whose gospel is not the story of salvation wrought, but the plan of salvation applied, how the Atonement avails for us, how men are converted, and what privileges they then receive. But in truth men are not converted by preaching conversion, any more than citizens are made loyal by demanding loyalty. Show men their prince, and convince them that he is gracious and truly royal, and they will die for him. Show them the Prince of Life, and He, being lifted up, will draw all men unto Him; and thus the truest gospel is that which declares Christ and Him crucified. As all science springs from the phenomena of the external world, so do theology and religion spring from the life of Him who was too adorable to be mortal, and too loving to be disobeyed.”G.A. Chadwick (1896) Gospel of Saint Mark

Amos 1-2: God Judges Everyone…Including You!

27 Mar

LionIn the first two chapters (his first sermon) Amos pictures God as a roaring lion, a holy judge moving against the unrighteousness of the nations . Many people in our society, Christian and non-Christian, would cheer as he condemns the war-mongers, baby-killers and poor-abusers. But the point of the passage is this: all of us deserve God’s punishment. We all have skeletons in the closet and we desperately need someone to save us. (click “Read the rest of this entry” for a longer exegesis). Continue reading

Amos: Overview

25 Mar

Yesterday I finished reading the book of Amos in my quiet times. Since few people have a knowledge of this book I’ll post a summary of the main sections of the book over the coming days, including application points for both Christians and non-Christians. If you haven’t got a Bible read or listen to Amos here. I hope it’ll be useful.

Amos divides into three parts:

  1. 5 sermons (Chapters 1-6)
  2. 5 visions, with a brief argument with a priest (7-9:10)
  3. Yahweh‘s promise to restore Israel (9:11-15)

Amos’ prophecies seem to have been in the Northern Kingdom known as Israel or Samaria (cf. Amos 7:12-13).

The main theme of the book is that Yahweh judges whether his people seek him. If they do not horrific judgement is inevitable. This means three things:

  1. God will judge the things non-Christians do with justice, punishing them where punishment is deserved.
  2. God has no favourites and judges his people with justice as well.
  3. Jesus deserves praise because he bore the punishment illustrated in this book, the punishment we deserved.

(Illustration by Blair Israel, Amos 7:8 in The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible. Visit the site for free Biblical Illustrations)

QCCU Evangelistic Talks

19 Mar

May I draw you’re attention to a website: It contains talks from Why God Week, a week of talks that my Christian Union put on for people who aren’t Christians. If you’re not a Christian these talks may be a great place to start.

The Bruised Reed: Richard Sibbes

19 Mar

The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes

A fantastic book, discussing Isaiah 42:3. Sibbes succeeds in showing those who are struggling with either suffering or sin.

Strengths are pointing to Christ as the only way to free is from these things, application of truth to our lives and updated language for modern readers.

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