Amos: Overview

25 Mar

Yesterday I finished reading the book of Amos in my quiet times. Since few people have a knowledge of this book I’ll post a summary of the main sections of the book over the coming days, including application points for both Christians and non-Christians. If you haven’t got a Bible read or listen to Amos here. I hope it’ll be useful.

Amos divides into three parts:

  1. 5 sermons (Chapters 1-6)
  2. 5 visions, with a brief argument with a priest (7-9:10)
  3. Yahweh‘s promise to restore Israel (9:11-15)

Amos’ prophecies seem to have been in the Northern Kingdom known as Israel or Samaria (cf. Amos 7:12-13).

The main theme of the book is that Yahweh judges whether his people seek him. If they do not horrific judgement is inevitable. This means three things:

  1. God will judge the things non-Christians do with justice, punishing them where punishment is deserved.
  2. God has no favourites and judges his people with justice as well.
  3. Jesus deserves praise because he bore the punishment illustrated in this book, the punishment we deserved.

(Illustration by Blair Israel, Amos 7:8 in The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible. Visit the site for free Biblical Illustrations)


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