Godliness Starts With Forgiveness

9 Apr

Where do we start with Godliness? What rules do we need to keep? How should we dress? How should we talk?

Hold on. Look at yourself. Nothing of you is like God. You lie, you tread on other people, you hate anything that is good and true. You are like a child who comes in covered in mud. You can’t asked to be dressed in your best suit. First, you must be cleansed and then Godliness can clothe you.

How can we be cleansed? By forgiveness of sin. Watson tells us forgiveness of sin is…

  1. God’s free grace: Grace is something completely undeserved. Do not think you in anyway deserve what you receive.
  2. God taking away the penalty of sin: There are many results of sin in our world but the worst is hell, eternal death. God changes that to eternal life with forgiveness.
  3. Through Jesus’ death on the cross: He paid the price for your forgiveness. It’s free for you but it wasn’t free for him.
  4. Preceded by repentance: Not that repentance earns sin, but God precursors forgiveness with a hatred of sin in the heart. You don’t need to list every sin you’ve committed and tough luck if you missed one. But if you hate the way you were this repentance paves the way for forgiveness.
  5. Sin eternally forgotten: If you get forgiven by a human they will bring it up the next time you fight. God will never remember it again.

To not have forgiveness is to fail at the outset. You need this forgiveness. It is free and it brings all blessings. To be without out it is to be cursed eternally. Accept this forgiveness. Then start with Godliness.


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