The Trinity is the Distinguishing Feature of Christianity

16 Apr

With different Religions What Makes Christianity Stand OutWhat distinguishes the good news of Christianity gospel from anything else? Mike Reeves argued it is the Trinity.

He gave the example of what most Christians would say “salvation by faith” and asked what do you do with Jodo shinshu Budhism, which also agrees with salvation by faith alone.

He said that false religions can copy any doctrine of Christianity. What they cannot copy however is the God we talk about. The things that distinguish our Gospel flow out of our God.

So if you want to know what makes Christianity tick you need to know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Join us over the coming days to find out more about him.


One Response to “The Trinity is the Distinguishing Feature of Christianity”

  1. spinnakerjksc March 15, 2010 at 1:20 am #

    What really distinguishes christianity, to me, is the fact that the theme of it isn’t ‘Man in search for God’ it’s ‘God in search for man’

    Rather than men attempting to grasp the lofty ideals of a supreme being, the story of the Bible is basically a love story of God trying to gain the attention, love, and devotion of his people. Rather than prophetic figures pursuing God, we have a personal God pursuing us. It’s really beautiful, if you think about it.

    I love your site! You might like mine too, here’s my latest post:
    Comment if you can!

    God Bless,

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