The Godly Man’s Picture: Thomas Watson

23 Apr

Godly Man's Picture CoverWatson gives 24 characteristics of Godly men and women. He seeks to uncover nominal Christians and draw them to real faith in Christ. For true believers this book draws together the Bible’s teachings on Christian behaviour. Well worth reading. (click “Read the rest of this entry” for a longer review).

The Argument of the Book

Watson states all Christians show signs of Godliness. After stating only the forgiven can be Godly, he lists characteristics of a Godly person. He then exhorts readers to seek Godliness and gives comfort to the Godly.

Primary Audience & Purpose

Watson wrote in the 17th Century and exhorted his day’s many nominal Christians to pursue true salvation and Godliness.

Literary Features of the Book

This updated language edition succeeds in being quite readable. Highly structured, the book has bitesize 6-8 page chapters and fantastic metaphors.

Is it Biblical?

Watson uses scripture to back up each point, yet some are decontextualised and often illustrates a point rather than evidence a point. Nevertheless Watson keeps with the spirit of Scripture as a whole.

Does it Apply Truth?

The book advises readers how to put these qualities into practice and learn to love them very well.

Is it Christ centred?

Taking the book as a whole we would say that Christ is certainly central, however if you read only half you would be wondering about that conclusion. The beginning and end feature the main discussions about Christ. Buy it UK

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