2 May


The first of my New Testament books for my desert island mission is Mark.

What’s the book about?

Mark is a book about the life of Jesus. Mark’s especially interested in what Jesus did (rather than taught) and the work at the cross.

Why did I choose this book?

Each of the Gospels have a different purpose and I felt the other gospels wouldn’t quite fit my desert island audience:

  • Matthew: Written for Jews and seems to include more guidance for Christians than for non-Christians.
  • Luke: A close second, but Mark’s emphasis on action will be more helpful for a tribal people than Luke’s teaching.
  • John: John is far to academic for people on my island.

Why I chose Mark:

  1. Mark was written for a Gentile audience.
  2. It’s short.
  3. It’s action-packed.
  4. It’s highly centred on the cross.

By the way, UCCF are sending out Mark’s Gospels into Universities. If you’d like to read more click here.

(Picture by LaurenceOP under the Creative Commons Licence)

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