3 May


Could I get away with not taking Romans to evangelise a desert island? No. So here it is.

What’s the book about?

First of all Paul tells us we are all sinners, Jew and Gentle. Then he goes on to tell us how our justification through Christ deals with the problem of sin. He then discusses how this affects the life of a believer and then how the Jews are affected. Finally he discusses how it affects our lives.

Why did I choose this book?

Romans has had such a history of affecting people’s lives it can’t be missed. It deals with many huge issues important for our islanders:

  1. All have sinned.
  2. What happened to Jew and Gentile divisions (if they’ve read the OT they need to know).
  3. The effects of believing in Christ on justification.
  4. The effects of believing in Christ on our day to day living.

It’s hard to put much effort into justifying my choice of Romans, it’s such a standard choice. It has affected so many greats that it is an essential read. I encourage you to get stuck in!

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