8 May


I finish the desert island bible books with that hilariously misinterpreted book (see the picture above!) Revelation.

What’s the book about?

Forget everything you heard from Left Behind and the crazy billboard man. Revelation was written to 7 churches to encourage them to persevere in the faith.

It begins with letters written individually to them. It also addresses the period in Scripture called the last days (from Jesus’ ascension till his returns) in highly symbolic language, picturing what goes on in the Spiritual realms.

It also gives a beautiful picture of the end of times. Jesus wins (conclusively and in style) and the new creation rocks.

Why did I choose this book?

I haven’t fully got my head around Revelation. I lean heavily towards the amillenial interpretation (to those who understand such things), but I’m still very open.

Nevertheless what I love about Revelation is the picture of Jesus in power and victory. I have used Revelation 21-22 so much in my preaching I don’t know how I could do without it. The islanders would greatly benefit from seeing Jesus overcome the world.

And I’m sure interpreting Revelation without having someone in the congregation convinced the Antichrist is Prince Charles will be much easier.

(Picture by Joe Crawford under the Creative Commons Licence)

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One Response to “Revelation”

  1. rjs1 May 13, 2008 at 6:44 pm #

    I take (albeit tentatively) an historicist approach adhereing to an optimistic amillennialism. Although I am of the opinion that before heading to eschatology, the Christian should sort out the other loci of systematic theology first.

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