Equal Rights in the Minor Prophets

27 May

FemaleIn Amos 4:1-3 we come to meet Samaria’s rich women, “the cows of Bashan”. Some think women are overlooked in the Bible, but that’s not the case. In the Bible, both women and men have the right to be convicted of their sin.

Let’s see what word Amos has for the rich women of Samaria and how it applies today.

The Samaritan Women’s Sin

By using the word cow Amos is saying these rich wives are well fed and cared for.

They are criticised for two things. Firstly, oppressing the poor for their own physical comfort. These women laid back and lived the life of luxury at others expenses.

Ouch! How much does that speak of we westerners. We buy tonnes of useless toys but never buy ethically or give as part of our money to the poor.

Moreover, these women are pressurising their husbands to fund their luxurious lifestyle. Most women don’t realise the great influence they wield with their husband. He wants to do what’s good for her, yet this can easily lead him astray. The same can be true in any relationship, it’s very easy for all of us to influence others in wrong ways.

We all deserve their punishment

Have you fallen into the same sins as the Samritan women? They aren’t huge sins if you compare them to Amos 1:13. Yet God cannot stand sin and he will judge us all, male and female, for all our sins, big or small. If God counts these small sins against these women how much sin must be piled up for you.

Yet there is good news. On the cross Jesus took the punishment for all who trust in him, whether women or men. All our sins, big or small were brought to nothing on the cross.

Let’s stop being opressors and evil-influencers like the cows of Bashan. Yet most of all lets praise Jesus for the fact that all our sins are taken away.

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