Do You Blog for Christ?

9 Jun

The Christian Blogosphere

The Christian blogosphere has posts on anything you could possibly wish for:

  • Want to know who’s books to read? Look no further.
  • Want to know who’s doctrines are false? Debates galore.
  • Want to know who’s in error? Just a google away.

From Barak Obama to John Owen, you can find anyone out there.

Anyone except Jesus.

Warning: Needless Debates

Speaking to students at his church, my girlfriend’s pastor warned them not to blog. He said everyone he knew who blogged was more worried about minor debates than proclaiming Christ crucified.

He has a point. Think about it, how many posts have you read evaluating the Emerging church and how many proclaiming the Gospel to unbelievers?

There is a certainly a place for discerning evaluation of doctrinal positions (even Jesus had debates) but that place is not above the Gospel.

Do you distract or minister?

I’ve realised in starting this blog that it is essential that I constantly re-evaluate my motivations in blogging. If what I am doing is not for Jesus it is not worth my effort.

Take this time to evaluate yourself and your blog.

Is your blog a distraction, to you and to others? Are you more involved in debates than glorifying Jesus Christ? Or is your blog an essential part of your ministry, proclaiming Christ to the Church and to others?

Let’s change our ways. Let’s preach the Gospel of Christ from our blogs again.


What do you think?

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