Why is There Suffering?

17 Jun

What are you suffering?

In Amos 4:6-13 we see the many disasters Israel went through. Famine, drought, plagues and wars tore the land apart.

The same is true today. From hurricanes to divorces, wars to unemployment. Individually, nationally and even globally suffering is an ever-present evil.

But why?

Suffering for Israel

Israel had no right to ask that question. They had been told clearly in Deuteronomy 28 disasters would come as punishment for their sin.

The presence of these disasters should have had them running back to God. Yet in spite of all these trials, they did not repent.

Suffering for Us

Suffering reminds us of the effects of sin. Every stillbirth, drought and family feud reminds us there is something not quite right. They show us we are far away from God’s intended plan for our world.

They show us we need to repent.

Israel didn’t listen to the warnings. Will you? Will you let suffering pass you? Or will you cling to Christ and be freed from the world of sin we are in?

There is suffering so that you will repent. Don’t waste this opportunity for salvation.

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(Picture by kaschmirkaschmir under the Creative Commons Licence)


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