Evangelicals Lite

24 Jun

Mmm...Forbidden Crisps by Dan TaylorA few years ago, Walkers crisps released Walkers Lite. They’re half the fat, half the salt, but inevitably half the taste.

My friend uses a phrase Evangelicals Lite to describe Christians who are the same. Let me explain it to you:

A Less Satisfying Crisp

Walkers Lite crisps claim to be Salt and Vinegar flavoured, and in some ways they are right. Yet they don’t quite have the full flavour of the regular Salt and Vinegar crisps. They feel a bit watered down.

A Less Satisfying Christianity

Evangelicals Lite are just the same. They claim to be Evangelical, and in some ways they are. If you asked them what they believed about God their views would be largely orthodox:

  • They believe Jesus is God’s Son
  • They believe his death on the cross is the only way to God.
  • They believe that justification comes by grace alone through faith.

But they seem to lack a little of the flavour of “Regular” evangelicals.

  • They preach the Bible as a self help-manual not the truth of salvation.
  • They sing songs about giving our lives to God, not Jesus giving his life for us.
  • Their prayers are shopping lists of material blessings, not requests for growth in godliness.

Walkers Lite are better for you, but Evangelicals Lite certainly aren’t. Jesus should be full flavour in our lives. He should saturate every sermon, every song, every prayer and every life.

Full Fat Christianity

I used to be an Evangelical Lite. I wouldn’t have told you that. I would’ve said I was “Sold out for God” or some other cliché. But the truth is my faith was more a my hobbies than a trust in Jesus.

Then I began to see that what Jesus did on the cross is central to the Bible. If Jesus death is central to the Bible shouldn’t it be central to my life and my doctrine?

Are you an Evanelical Lite? It’s time for you to change too. Commit yourself to putting Jesus at the centre of everything you do.

Full fat.
Full flavour.
Full life.

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(Picture by Dan Talyor under the Creative Commons Licence)


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