Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ: John Bunyan

11 Jul

Two hundred and twenty five pages exposing one verse in a way that truly exhorts the soul and sends it to Christ? It could only be written a Puritan.

Bunyan teaches the reader that Jesus will not cast them out if they come to him and tells us why we should all come. An encouraging read you shouldn’t be without.

The Argument of the Book

Bunyan takes John 6:37 and considers its wider context (in terms of the chapter), undertakes some exegesis on it and then applies it to the Christian life. His argument is that Christians are given by the Father to Christ, without any input by the believer (a doctrine known today as Unconditional Election) but that whoever is coming to Christ won’t be cast out (for they are obviously elect).

Primary Audience & Purpose

The audience are those coming to Jesus Christ for salvation. Bunyan wants to them to know Jesus will not cast them out.

Literary Features of the Book

Bunyan is clear and well structured. He writes with genuine warmth to his readers. Banner of Truth have also updated the language in this book, without taking away any of the original meaning.

Is it Biblical?

Bunyan’s book is rooted in the text but he also draws on other scriptures to both evidence his claims and illustrate them.

Does it apply truth?

Although the book has a chapter devoted to application, Bunyan applies it all the way through. His main application is that we must come to Christ.

Is it Christ centred?

Incredibly so. Bunyan is devoted to showing how great the love of Christ for the church is and he also shows the love between Jesus and his Father. This book will give sweet reminders of Christ to Christians and challenge non-Christians to come. Definitely worth a read. (Buy it UK)

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