Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 2

21 Jul

Long summers for those at Uni provide a lot of opportunities to do some quality Gospel-work. Yet many students waste them. In this series “Don’t Waste Your Summer” we’re considering many ways students (and non-students!) can use their summer to the glory of God.

Last time we discussed how to use your summer for evangelism. Today we’ll discuss how you use it to help Christians.

Ministry to Christians

1. Get Involved with an Already Existing Ministry

Summer is a great time to help out in the church’s existing ministries, as those running them regularly will be on holidays. Offer to get involved in the music group or help out with children’s work. Maybe you can even get involved with bible studies or sermons at your Church. Just ask someone in leadership of those areas. The worst they can say is no. Never been involved with anything before? Don’t be ashamed to try something you’d never otherwise do (even helping out with the crèche). It’ll be a great service, and you never know it might be a gift you never realised you had.

2. Start a Bible Study

If you can’t get involved with an established ministry start your own. A few friends and I met up most of our Uni holidays to study a book of the Bible and pray for each other. You can do this at a pub, coffee shop or someone’s house. We took turns to lead the study to share the burden. You can always get printed materials to lighten the load.

3. Do a One-to-One

A one-to-one can be a real encouragement for young Christians. Try to find someone who is a little less mature in the faith or who is going through a difficult time who will meet up with you on a regular basis. Ask questions about their spiritual walk and read a Christian book or some of the Bible. You can even make it practical and go out and do some evangelism together.

4. Make Your Own Conference

Get a few of your mates together at a Youth Hostel for a weekend or longer and have a mini-conference (aka “House Party” or “Reading Week”). If you’re able you can speak or lead bible studies. If that’s too much, you can read books to each other, listen to sermons or even invite a speaker along for the weekend

5. Caring Ministry

Social action doesn’t have to be helping non-Christians. The Bible makes very clear that ministry to others in the Church is essential (James 1:27). Older people would appreciate the company and parents may appreciate you taking their children off their hands for an evening. These kind of things can really support those in your church.

So that’s ministry to Christians next Monday we’ll cover three different ones all concerned with study.

Until then, are there any ministries you have been involved in during your summer, however long ago it was since your last one? Share them here.

(Picture “happy beach flutter (604:)28)” by Juergen Kurlvink under the Creative Commons Licence)

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3 Responses to “Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 2”

  1. yeskids July 21, 2008 at 11:05 pm #

    Awesome – keep up the challenge – we all need it. We need godly men teaching our children. God bless.

  2. Tim Wilson July 22, 2008 at 8:58 am #

    We definitely do! Let’s hope more and more get involved with showing children what Godliness is. Thanks for your comment!


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