Why Do Christians Say Jesus is the Only Way to God?

1 Aug

Christians always insist Jesus is the only way to God. This can often seem rude and intolerant.

Why do Christians repeatedly insist Jesus is the only way to God? Why will they not capitulate and just at least allow the possibility that some Muslims, Jews and even Atheists might get to God?

The Bible Says Jesus is the Only Way

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:12

We Christians are well aware this is a divisive message. It is a message we get a lot of slack for. If we made the decisions, we’d certainly stop preaching it.

But the fact of the matter is the Bible is absolutely clear on this topic. The Bible is God’s message to humanity, and in it God himself makes clear that Jesus is the only way to him.

If God himself says it how can we say anything else? If you want to know what Wayne Rooney likes for breakfast, who will trust him or someone who’s never met him? God says Jesus is the only way to him, how can we say anything else?

Love Says Jesus is the Only Way

Fair enough, it’s in the Bible. But do we need to say it all the time? Can’t we just leave everyone alone?

Let me give you an illustration. My friend has wanted all her life to visit Ireland. This summer she has decided she is finally going to go.

But she tells me she’s going to walk there. Now it’s impossible to walk across to Ireland from England, it’s separated by around 150 miles of sea.

I tell her this and she responds a guide has said that he has a secret path to Ireland which she can walk. It’ll cost her around £2000 and she’ll be the very first it was revealed to.

Is it loving of me to say to her? “Okay you go on that walk!”. No! It’s incredibly cruel. She’s going to get scammed. I must tell her the real way is by ferry or plane, not by walking.

Well it’s the same with Christianity. Jesus is the only way. You try get to God via the Qur’an or the Torah or being a nice guy, it won’t happen. It’s a scam. If you want God, come via Jesus!

God desired people to come, so he sent Jesus. This was the only way he could bring evil you and me to him. It’s not as if it’s hard for us, all we have to do is trust in him. He, however, sacrificed his only Son on the cross. What love this is!

It’s so simple, why would you look for another way anyway? Come to God through Jesus, the only way to salvation, and you will see God.

That’s a promise.

(Picture “One Way Around” by Bob AuBuchon under the Creative Commons Licence)

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4 Responses to “Why Do Christians Say Jesus is the Only Way to God?”

  1. Clark August 12, 2008 at 2:44 pm #

    Christians take a lot of criticism for being exclusive, bigotted, closeminded, or what have you for saying Christ is the only way to heaven. If you think about it, though, all the major world religions claim some exclusive rights to the true path. Jews and Muslims also teach that only followers of their religion will receive eternal life. The Buddha taught that following the eight fold path would release one’s soul from eternal sufering. Only this recent New Age thinking tells us that there are many paths. Every religion has some amount of exclusion to it, so the claim of Christians shouldn’t be surprising nor offensive.

  2. Tim Wilson August 15, 2008 at 7:51 am #

    Clark sorry for the lateness of my reply. I’ve had a busy week this week, hopefully I’ll be back soon.

    You’re completely right and it’s completely illogical to assume everything is right in the sphere of religion.

    However, I think the sinful mind wanting to rid itself of God plays a big part in this objection.

  3. barefootonthebeach11 September 15, 2009 at 5:16 am #

    That is a very interesting analogy you used to explain why you feel christians must always try and bring others to christ. i can definitely understand that sentiment. i’m sure if i felt so strongly that others’ beliefs were not only incorrect but were leading these other people to death, i would fight with all my power to convince them that they were in danger. Thank you for helping further my understanding!


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