Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 3

4 Aug

Summer comes and it’s the time when you pack studying in for a few months right?

Wrong! The extended period of time you have on a Uni holiday gives you plenty of time to study something with great spiritual value!

Last time we discussed how to use your summer to help other Christians. Today we’ll discuss how you can use it to become more knowledgable on certain topics.

1) Study a Book of the Bible

One of the best things to do is to study a book of the Bible. No doubt you’ll be doing this in your quiet times anyway, but free days give time for longer Bible studies than you’d normally have.

Pick a book that you know will take a lot of effort to understand, but that you really want to get your head round; choose a good commentary (see Piper’s recommendations for help) and then get stuck in.

I did this with Romans last summer and Mark this summer and it’s been incredibly encouraging.

2) Read a Big Book

If you’re like me you amass a lot of books. Some of them are so big, that when you start them you can get bogged down. Who wants to read a systematic theology for 14 straight months?

But with the free time in the summer you can devote a lot of time to big book’s you’d never read, systematic theologies or a really through treatise on a topic. Spend the free time ploughing through that, you’ll be covering so much ground the boredom will not come into play.

3) Become an Expert in a Doctrine

The other thing to do is choose a particular doctrine you feel you need to get your head round and really study it. Last summer I felt I really needed to fully get my head around the cross. I bought Cross of Christ and Pierced for Our Transgressions and studied big chunks of scripture to find out what I could about this important doctrine.

You can do the same. Choose some good books on certain topics and study relevant part of scripture. If you’re not sure where to go, put a post up and we’ll try and help.


One warning though: good knowledge is not a replacement for obedience to the faith. Don’t get so tied down in study you don’t have time to obey God’s Word.

Study alongside some other ministry and you may well have a summer that is both encouraging to you and others.

(Picture “sunglasses for landscape by semola1 under the Creative Commons Licence)

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