Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 4

18 Aug

Summer is drawing to its close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your final weeks to good use.

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about various ways students in particular can use their summer holidays for good.

Here are my last four tips for a useful summer:

1) Develop Your Gifts

I’ve been preaching since I was 18 years old, but had very little time to use those gifts at Uni. So while at home I preach frequently and listen to lectures and sermons about preaching to develop those gifts.

Your gifts may be as a musician, a songwriter, a small group leader or a children’s worker. Look for opportunities to both study those gifts and take part in them. Find people in your church who can take you under their wings, so that when you come out of Uni you can be ready to go.

2) Get a Job

The book of Proverbs makes clear, the Bible has no time for lazy people. Get a job and have some money to last you at University or even so you can give more to your church or other Christian organisations.

3) Help Out Your Parents

They have given you a lot of help whilst at Uni financially, why don’t you help them out? Whether helping with housework or going to the office and doing some filing, offer yourself up to help. If they are non-Christians this will be an especially good witness.

4) Do Uni Work

At Uni you will probably have a million and one things you want to do with Christian Union and church. Get a head start on your coursework in the summer and have time to do everything you want to at Uni. Find out the assignment titles or if you’re doing a dissertation do a lot in the summer and then you can use your time at Uni to it’s full.

(Picture “summer wasting… by Stathis_1980 under the Creative Commons Licence)

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