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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

24 Dec

“Why do you celebrate Christmas?” my Muslim friend asked at our Grill a Christian event. “I mean isn’t it a pagan festival emphasising materialism? Surely it isn’t something God’s people should be involved in?”

The panel were flummoxed. They’d never really thought of Christmas in these terms. Had they been celebrating some worthless pagan festival all their lives?

Is the high point of the Christian calendar just a capitulation to paganism? Is it actually doing more harm than good? Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

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10 Ways to Work for Christ

13 Dec

Last week I gave an account of how difficult I have found being in the workplace. It seemed to ring true with many of you and you have provided some excellent examples of how you have overcome this in your lives.

Whilst I in no way consider myself to be an expert, let me add my own ideas on how to the workplace can be made a place of worship:

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