34 Blood-Stained Resources for Good Friday

29 Mar

Good Friday ResourcesIt’s Good Friday and it’s a good opportunity to meditate on the cross. Therefore I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite resources for Good Friday, some brand new resources and some of our blog readers Good Friday meditations. Have a look through the list and spend some time using one of these resources to remind you how amazing Jesus is.


1) Why is the Cross So Important to Christians – Christ Centred: This is by far my most visited post. It doesn’t go into a great deal of detail and I’m sure that I need to update it so that people can get more useful information from it. But it is what it is and I hope it can be of use to you.

2) Expiation and Propitiation: Two Important Words This Good Friday – R.C. Sproul: The difference between the two is essential to understanding exactly what God did on the cross.

3) Where Love and Mercy Meet: Substitution, propitiation and Revelation at the Cross – John Stevens: Four things that we need to see when we look at the Cross.

4) The Very Best Friday – Good Book Blog: The Good Book Blog explains what’s so good about Good Friday.

5) The Beauty of the Blood-Stained Cross – Trevin Wax: Yes it is beautiful and it would be good for us to look at it more and more.

6) Can We Say God Died- Douglas Wilson: See Wilson’s answer to this difficult.

7) Of First Importance: The Resurrection and the Cross at the Centre – Al Mohler: Al Mohler studies the important information in 1 Corinthians 15 and sees what it tells us for what is essential in the Christian Life

8) Good Friday: A Day That Will Live in Infamy but Rejoice for Eternity – Darrell Creswell : A simple meditation on how the Cross Rocks.

9) Good Friday and the Crucifixion of Shame – Mark Meynell: The author of Cross Examined (see below) hits upon an aspect we don’t often think of, how the cross of Christ crucifies our shame.

10) The Cross of Christ and His Glorious Resurrection – Adiel: Christ Centred reader Adiel recommends two of his favourite books for this weekend.

11) Christ Died for Us – We Died in Him – Glen Scrivener: Glen Scrivener explains what happened at the cross in terms of Union with Christ.

12) Cross Words – Andy Evans: Meditations on Cross and Christian Ministry to inspire pastors in what a day like today means for ministry.


13) Death by Love – Mark Driscoll This is probably my favourite book on the cross. Mark Driscoll takes various doctrines of the cross and writes a letter to a real person about how this doctrine can change their life. Well worth a read. Check out my review.

14) Fifty Reason’s Jesus Came to Die – John Piper: This book is on sale at the Amazon store. This is a short book with great meditations on why Jesus came to die, with tonnes you may never have thought about before.

15) All Loves Excelling – John Bunyan: This is one of my all time favourite Puritan Paperbacks. John Bunyan meditates on Jesus’ great love for us. Stirring stuff.

16) Pierced for Our Transgressions – Steve Jeffery, Mike Ovey and Andrew Sach: A sadly necessary book, answering objections to Penal Substitution, it actually ends up inspiring us to worship and joy at the foot of the cross.

17) Cross of Christ – John Stott: Every UK Christian has been recommended to read this book a thousand times and many have never quite got round to it. The chapters are quite long, which can make it hard for some, but it is worth the effort. A spiritual classic.

18) Cross-Examined – Mark Meynell: Meynell has written probably the best summary of the cross for people who aren’t keen readers. There is some great insight in here and the application questions at the back are well worth working through.

19) Scandalous – D.A. Carson: I haven’t read this one all the way through yet, but what I have read is excellent. My wife has particularly found this helpful, so it may be a good try for people who aren’t regular readers.


20) A Ransom For Many – Mark Dever: Just a great sermon on Mark 10:45.

21) The Cry from the Cross – C.J. Mahaney: I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard this before but it is powerful

22) The Cup – C.J. Mahaney: Again, really helpful. But oh so painful.

23) The Centre of the Whole Bible – D.A. Carson: The next three sermons are from talks that form the basis of D.A. Carson’s book Scandalous. Here Carson argues that what happened in Jesus’ death is the centre of the whole bible.

24) The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb – D.A. Carson: Just for something different, why not take a look at the death of Jesus from the vantage point of Revelation.

25) The Ironies of the Cross – D.A. Carson: This is a good old-fashioned “Good Friday” kind of sermon. If you didn’t get one, take a look.


26) Rescued – Igniter Media: A simple meditation on all the things the death of Christ saves us from.

27) Why do they call it Good Friday?: A simple explanation that could be really helpful for non-Christian friends.

28) My Last Day – Jesus’ Crucifixion in Anime: I’ve shown this to young people and they loved it.

29) The Jesus Film: Okay this is a time investment. You can skip towards the end where the crucifixion is happening. The most watched movie of all time.

30) Curse Motif of the Atonement – RC Sproul: Find out why curse is a necessary motif in the Atonement.

31) 3-2-1 Gospel Presentation – Good thing to share on a day where your friends may actually be thinking about the Gospel.


32) The Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus = White Horse Inn: If you haven’t listened to the White Horse Inn, you need to. It is a discussion between four guys of different denominational backgrounds. They discuss the things that unite Evangelicals. The entire of their series on John has been really worshipful and I’m sure this session will really encourage and challenge you today.

33) The Gospel – Christ Centred: I’m pleased to say again that my listeners have impeccable taste and that this is by far and away my most popular podcast. Listen to find out the Gospel.

Phew… there we go. Oh but wait, where is 34. Well it’s going  to be down below in the comments section, where you add your favourite Good Friday resource…

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    Here are some wonderful Resurrection Weekend resources to share with friends and family, that comes from the blog at https://christcentred.wordpress.com! Enjoy, and remember to keep Christ central to this most holy weekend of the Church Year!

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