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A Calvinist-Methodist’s Response to Two Cheers for the Resurgence of Calvinism

29 Apr

John WesleyArminian McCall gives an excellent article on the strengths and weaknesses of New Calvinism. Coming from the unique perspective of a Calvinist attending a Methodist church I’d like to offer some thoughts for Calvinists based on this article.

New Calvinism

McCall hits New Calvinism on the head. There is a desire for sound doctrine and holiness. Unfortunately many of his criticisms are valid too. Nevertheless, it’s not the New Calvinism I really want to discuss today. It is rather a New Weslyanism.

New Wesleyanism?

There are many problems in the Methodist Church, but I doubt they would be solved by me posting them. Instead I exhort Calvinists to offer the same prayers for Methodists as McCall offers for us.

Calvinists love the Wesleys. Despite them being being the chief reason for Arminianism’s success, we’ve never stopped singing their hymns and quoting their sayings (how many times have you heard that “Give me that book” quote?). Why?

Because they preached the Gospel. And very well too. So why aren’t we praying more Arminians will be like that?

I’d love to see Arminians come to see the great truth of the Sovereignty of God in salvation, I pray for it. Yet Arminianism is probably going to be here till Jesus returns.

If that’s the case I hope that there is a New Wesleyanism where the Methodists will preaching Christ, the Scriptures, faith and holiness with power again and bring many to Christ.

As head of Methodist Evangelicals Together this is my Dad’s aim. Calvinists, why don’t you pray for his success in reviving and reforming the Methodist Church?

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