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26 Apr

Moses with stone tabletsContinuing the series of the ten books I would take to evangelise a desert island with we come to our next book, the book of Exodus.

What’s the book about?

At the end of Genesis God’s people are in Egypt. In Exodus, God frees Israel from captivity. After they’ve been set free, the Israelites are given the 10 commandments and the tabernacle, a meeting place with God.

Why did I choose this book?

Like Genesis this book is essential to understanding the Bible and introduces some key ideas:

  1. The name of God (Yahweh).
  2. God saving his people from a sinful world (setting free from slavery).
  3. God’s people being saved by the blood of a sacrifice (passover).
  4. God living with his people (tabernacle)
  5. Certain laws must be kept if God’s people are going to live with him.
  6. God’s people inevitably fail to meet God’s standards but he loves them nevertheless.

These ideas will be essential for the islanders to get. I’m sure they will be a great help to you too. If you haven’t read through Exodus have a try. As with all Old Testament books, they’re more important than you think.

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