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If Christ Was Real…He Wouldn’t Send People to Hell

5 Feb

A place of burning fire, likened to the loss of an only child. Hell is a horrific place.

No wonder, this doctrine puts people off Christianity.

Emotionally, the idea is so disgusting we want to never hear it again. Logically, it seems utterly inconsistent that Christ could send people to hell.

Surely a loving God can’t send people to hell?

If Christianity is to stand we must ask this question: is there any way a loving God would allow hell?

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Is God Responsible for People Being Sent to Hell?

16 Jul

It seems wrong to create a person knowing they’d only go to hell. If God does this, it’s a big stain on his character.

Yet isn’t this the logical conclusion of election? If he’s responsible for Christians being saved, surely God is responsible for people being damned too?

Or is he?

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