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34 Blood-Stained Resources for Good Friday

29 Mar

Good Friday ResourcesIt’s Good Friday and it’s a good opportunity to meditate on the cross. Therefore I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite resources for Good Friday, some brand new resources and some of our blog readers Good Friday meditations. Have a look through the list and spend some time using one of these resources to remind you how amazing Jesus is.

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What about God killing people in the Old Testament?

18 Mar

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There are some questions that trouble non-Christians that really don’t trouble Christians.

  • “Is there such a thing is as truth?” seems so self-evident.
  • “Is the crucifixion cosmic child abuse?” is easy to answer if you’ve read the Bible yourself.
  • “Is Christianity anti-Semitic?” seems ridiculous when you know the church was founded by 12 Jewish guys who followed another Jewish guy who was fulfilled the great Jewish hope.

Although we are happy to answer the questions of our friends and family, these things rarely ever make us struggle.

But there are some questions that do.

One such question is about God killing people in the Old Testament. God seems utterly brutal to do such a thing. How can we reconcile this with the loving God of the New Testament?

Dave Bish has put up an excellent blog post entitled “What about God killing people in the Old Testament?” where he discusses these issues. I would urge you to read the post for yourself. Let me summarise the main arguments here and then add some thoughts of my own.

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Why Do Christians Say Jesus is the Only Way to God?

1 Aug

Christians always insist Jesus is the only way to God. This can often seem rude and intolerant.

Why do Christians repeatedly insist Jesus is the only way to God? Why will they not capitulate and just at least allow the possibility that some Muslims, Jews and even Atheists might get to God?

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Am I Good Enough for Christ?

18 Jul

Christ offers an amazing gift, everlasting joy. It’s a gift too good to turn down.

But are we good enough to receive this gift? Surely there’s something you must do to be acceptable to Christ, right?

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6 May

My penultimate book to evangelise a desert island is Hebrews.

What’s the book about?

Hebrews splits into two. In the first half the author explains how Christ betters angels, Moses and the Old Covenant’s sacrificial system. The second part shows how we should respond to his greatness.

Why did I choose this book?

Hebrews plumbs the depths of Christ’s atoning work. It is the essential partner to Leviticus and the entire Old Testament, showing how Christ kicks every Old Testament ritual into touch.

If you ever start to doubt why Jesus is worthwhile read Leviticus and then read Hebrews. See how beautiful it is that we can approach God’s throne with confidence because we have a mediator who loves us deeply.

If I were to take one book it would be this one. John Owen wrote 7 volumes on Hebrews. Oh that I were wise enough to be able to meditate for such a length on this book. It is a beautiful book that makes Jesus and his work look great to my sinful eyes.

How amazing it is that he should love me a terrible sinner enough to come to Earth and die for me! And more that he would call me his brother, though he is higher than the highest of all things.

If you vow to read one Bible book this year make it Hebrews. You won’t regret it.

(Picture by Franchise under the Creative Commons Licence)

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