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Jaded with the Bible?

5 Jun


Do you struggle to motivate yourself to read the Bible? Do you wonder how to use it in real life? Do you discuss it constantly but fail to obey it?

If so, get your hands on the talks from New Attitude ’08.

New Attitude was set up to help 20s-30s embrace a “Humble Orthodoxy”, holding to biblical truths in a Godly and humble manner. The theme for their 2008 conference was the Bible. These are my favourite talks so far:

  1. Ripping, Burning, Eating: A Right Response to God’s Word by Joshua Harris: Harris presents us with three people’s attitudes towards God’s Word, two good and one bad. He challenges us to repent when we see our sin revealed in Scripture and to fight for love of Scripture even in suffering.
  2. The Authority of Scripture by Mark Dever: Dever spends half his talk talking to non-Christians and half to Christians. He strongly emphasises the need to give the Bible the respect it deserves.
  3. The Troubled Soul: God’s Word and Our Feelings by CJ Mahaney: CJ walks us through the Psalmist’s method of preaching to himself, saying we should all follow suit and exhort our soul to follow God’s Word and not our feelings.
  4. Fighting for Faith in God’s Word by John Piper: The last two points of this message are worth the whole thing. Piper exemplifies how to use the Bible to overcome sinful tendencies in our lives.

Also look at the great resources including interviews, application advice and other sermons.

If your struggling to wield the word well, why not invest some time in listening to these talks and applying them? You won’t regret it.

P.S. Apologies for the infrequency of my posts. I have an important file due in on Tuesday. I’ll be back soon!

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