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3 Reasons Why I Love the Church

31 Jan

“I love Jesus but I hate the Church.” she said defiantly “The Church causes nothing but pain. I’m going to learn about Jesus on my own.”

These were the words of a girl I was discussing Christianity with. Clearly, she had not had the best experience of the church. As upsetting as it is she’s not alone.

Maybe you’re like this girl. Maybe you keep away from the Church thinking it has nothing to offer but hurt. Maybe you do attend Sunday service, but the Church has hurt you so bad you’ve lost the love you had at first.

Why should you love the Church. What does it have to offer?

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You Can Make the Difference!

22 Jan

Whenever I speak to people who left the church and renounced God, they speak of the problem of Christian obedience as a massive factor.

Soon, after some lively discussions on Eshu’s blog,  I hope to answer those who say that the church’s records of evil is a reason to deny God . However, before I do so I want to talk to the Christians. I want us to realise that living for Christ can be an essential part in the way God saves people.

But before I do that I better get a big misconception out of the way.

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

24 Dec

“Why do you celebrate Christmas?” my Muslim friend asked at our Grill a Christian event. “I mean isn’t it a pagan festival emphasising materialism? Surely it isn’t something God’s people should be involved in?”

The panel were flummoxed. They’d never really thought of Christmas in these terms. Had they been celebrating some worthless pagan festival all their lives?

Is the high point of the Christian calendar just a capitulation to paganism? Is it actually doing more harm than good? Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

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10 Ways to Work for Christ

13 Dec

Last week I gave an account of how difficult I have found being in the workplace. It seemed to ring true with many of you and you have provided some excellent examples of how you have overcome this in your lives.

Whilst I in no way consider myself to be an expert, let me add my own ideas on how to the workplace can be made a place of worship:

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Why is the Work Place so Hard for Christians?

30 Nov

A few months ago I alerted to you the fact that I had started a new job. In the following months I’ve failed to minister to you guys properly over those months, and for that I apologise profusely.

Now I want to get back into the swing of things and it seems best to just comment on the difficulties I’ve experienced in the world of work.

Why, on entering the world of work, do so many of us who were excited about Christian things at University goes so stale?

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Praying Like Jesus

10 Sep

If you’ve been visiting this site recently you may have noticed I’ve been absent. In the mean time I started my first job and have been using my commute to listen to some sermons. Amongst those sermons have been Mark Driscoll’s Pray Like Jesus series.

Many people have questions about prayer but few are willing to open up to what the scripture puts forward as an example for prayer. Here are a few things that Jesus did that we should copy:

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Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 4

18 Aug

Summer is drawing to its close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your final weeks to good use.

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about various ways students in particular can use their summer holidays for good.

Here are my last four tips for a useful summer:

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Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 3

4 Aug

Summer comes and it’s the time when you pack studying in for a few months right?

Wrong! The extended period of time you have on a Uni holiday gives you plenty of time to study something with great spiritual value!

Last time we discussed how to use your summer to help other Christians. Today we’ll discuss how you can use it to become more knowledgable on certain topics.

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What Denomination Am I?

28 Jul

You’ve been chatting to this person from the office for a number of weeks and get on to the topic of God. They ask the question “What do you believe?” What do you say?

Do you rehearse your church’s confession? Most of us would use a title to describe ourselves “I’m a Christian”, “I’m a born-again believer”, “I’m Reformed”.

How should we describe ourselves? The question is more complex than you’d think…

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Satan the Theologian or Why Good Doctrine Isn’t Enough

23 Jul

You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!

James 2:19 (ESV)

Satan’s Doctrine

Satan is very sound doctrinally. James says he, and the other demons, know God is one. Indeed in the Gospel there are many occasions where demons cry out true statements about Jesus.

No doubt that Satan knows and believes most things correctly. He deceives others, yes. But he himself knows many truths.

The demons recognise Jesus as the “Holy One of God” (Mark 1:24). They recognise him as set apart by God. Yet they are not saved. How can we know who is then?

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