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If Christ Was Real…He Wouldn’t Send People to Hell

5 Feb

A place of burning fire, likened to the loss of an only child. Hell is a horrific place.

No wonder, this doctrine puts people off Christianity.

Emotionally, the idea is so disgusting we want to never hear it again. Logically, it seems utterly inconsistent that Christ could send people to hell.

Surely a loving God can’t send people to hell?

If Christianity is to stand we must ask this question: is there any way a loving God would allow hell?

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If Christ Was Real…He Wouldn’t Have Such Awful Followers

29 Jan

They couldn’t believe it was him. As the news story unfolded, the Pastor realised the latest paedophile pastor was a man they knew from Bible college.

“He seemed so strong in the faith!” they exclaimed to each other. They’d have never thought that this could be true.

With men like this around, it’s no wonder people question if Christ is real. Surely if he was real, he wouldn’t have such awful followers. Doesn’t this disprove Christianity?

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Why Do Christians Say Jesus is the Only Way to God?

1 Aug

Christians always insist Jesus is the only way to God. This can often seem rude and intolerant.

Why do Christians repeatedly insist Jesus is the only way to God? Why will they not capitulate and just at least allow the possibility that some Muslims, Jews and even Atheists might get to God?

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Why is the Cross So Important for Christians?

25 Jul

When you consider the cross was a method of brutal punishment, it’s surprising Christians make such a big deal of it. I mean isn’t it a bit of an embarrassment that our leader was crucified?

Here are two reasons why the death of Jesus is important to Christians:

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Am I Good Enough for Christ?

18 Jul

Christ offers an amazing gift, everlasting joy. It’s a gift too good to turn down.

But are we good enough to receive this gift? Surely there’s something you must do to be acceptable to Christ, right?

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Finding Christ Fridays

18 Jul

Milan with Binoculars

Today is the first day of Finding Christ Fridays. The first post will be coming shortly. But firstly, what’s it all about?

Coming to Christ involves asking a lot questions. However, if you don’t know any Christians it can be hard to find the answers you need.

One of this blog’s aims is to help those who aren’t Christian find Christ. To help achieve this aim and to support those answering non-Christians questions I have come up with “Finding Christ Fridays”.

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What Every Non-Christian Must Know (Amos 3:11-15)

25 May

Are you worshipping a god other than the God of the Bible? So did the Israelites. In Amos 3:11-15 God tells them what the result of that decision is:

God will destroy

God constantly says “I will” (v13-14). He will punish you. You can’t run from him, you can’t withstand his power, you can’t defeat him. Choose to go against him and your destined to defeat.

God will destroy your strongholds

The Israelites felt strong in their land and defences, and God destroyed these things (v11). Modern people rest in the security of their home, wealth and job. Yet we all know these can disappear far too easily and they will definitely disappear on the day of judgement.

God will destroy all you love

Yahweh destroyed what the Israelites loved. He destroyed their places of worship (v14) and he destroyed their material possessions (v13, 15). All you enjoy on Earth is destined for destruction, your false gods and all your possessions.

God will accept Jesus in your place

How can you escape this fate? Trust in Jesus.

Jesus was punished on a cross in place of all who trust in him. If you trust him your punishment will fall on him. He offers freedom from punishment for nothing. Not only that, he gives you eternal perfect life with him. What a deal!

Trust in your gods and everything you love will be destroyed.

Trust in Jesus and everything you need will be yours.

It’s got to be the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

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