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Shadow of the Almighty: Jim Elliot

24 Aug

When we hear stories of martyrs told from others’ lips we can often think of them as superhumans on a different scale of faith that we can never attain. However, in reading their own descriptions of themselves, we see a fight against inward sin and a determination to do God’s will that we can imitate.

In Shadow of the Almighty the second is true as Elisabeth Elliot collates the diaries and letters of Jim Elliot.

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How to Review a Commentary

20 Aug

John Dyer has set up site where you can read and give reviews for some of the best English language commentaries.

I hope many will join this community and offer their reviews so that Christians can find commentaries that will help them understand the Bible better and point them more to Christ.

However, it’s not easy to write a good review. How can you write a review that will best serve the kingdom of God? Remember to answer the following questions:

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Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 4

18 Aug

Summer is drawing to its close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your final weeks to good use.

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about various ways students in particular can use their summer holidays for good.

Here are my last four tips for a useful summer:

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Rejected by God

6 Aug

What does rejection from God look like? We are told it is hell, that it is the worst thing ever but what is that like? Is there any way we can picture God’s rejection.

In Amos 5:1-3, Amos gives us a haunting account of Israel’s fate under God’s wrath. In it we get a clearer picture of the wrath of God and what rejection from him truly means.

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Don’t Waste Your Summer pt. 3

4 Aug

Summer comes and it’s the time when you pack studying in for a few months right?

Wrong! The extended period of time you have on a Uni holiday gives you plenty of time to study something with great spiritual value!

Last time we discussed how to use your summer to help other Christians. Today we’ll discuss how you can use it to become more knowledgable on certain topics.

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Resource Roundup

2 Aug

This week we’ve been looking at confessions and the nature of the reformed faith. So I thought I’d give some reformed/confession related links:

  • Right on cue, Christ the Center have released a discussion with Lig Duncan on “The Westminster Confession for the 21st Century”. It comes from a presbyterian perspective that is a bit more confessionialist than me, however it is helpful and interesting
  • Over at Resurgence, last year they recorded the entire Heidelberg Catechism. The great thing is it comes with scriptural support, so you can always check up what it says against scripture.
  • Castle Church (linked with Christ the Center) are producing audio verisons of the Westminister Confession, Larger Catechism and Shorter Catechism. Along with Heidelberg, Westminster is one of the most famous and subscribed to confessions of the Reformed faith and so are a great place to start if you want to look at confessions.

Why Do Christians Say Jesus is the Only Way to God?

1 Aug

Christians always insist Jesus is the only way to God. This can often seem rude and intolerant.

Why do Christians repeatedly insist Jesus is the only way to God? Why will they not capitulate and just at least allow the possibility that some Muslims, Jews and even Atheists might get to God?

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